ITSAID CORPORATION is a leading industrial use tools manufacturer in the world, our superior quality products can compete with any big famous brands, especially our panel sizing saws and super thin saw blades are better than others. Most of our newly design products are Taiwan’s pioneer and we became a model of saw blades manufacturer in Taiwan.


Year 1980 Company Found
         1988 The first manufacturer setup automatic “brazing” machine and automatic Tungsten Carbide
                   Tip grinding machine in Taiwan.
         1989 The first manufacturer to “utilize” laser cutting machine for saw blade production in Taiwan.
         1990 The first manufacturer to utilize Germany CNC Polycrystalline Diamond grinding machine
                   for producing PCD saw blade, Route bit and profile cutter in Taiwan.
         1992 The first manufacturer to employee robot in T.C.T saw blade production line in Taiwan.
         1994 Employed 7 axis fully automatic Polycrystalline Diamond Grinding machine.
         1996 Installed a full line of CNC Polycrystalline Diamond Tipped saw blade production equipment.
         1998 The first saw manufacturer to install dynamic balance,tension, leveling facility in Taiwan.
         2000 Installed fully automatic CNC Tungsten Carbide Tipped circular saw blade producing
                   center facility.
         2002 Installed new 6-axis CNC solid carbide tool and PCD combination grinding machine.
         2004 Add new T.C.T. Robotic CNC production center lines to increase production capability.
         2005 Installed CNC finger joint cutters and insert solid carbide profile knives production lines.
         2007 installed CNC strobe saw production line.
         2008 installed CNC 32" rotary surface grinding machine


All our products are made in our house in Taiwan with experience workmanship, except raw materials such as “alloy steel coils” from Japan and Germany, Carbide Tips are from Luxemburg and Sweden, silver “solder” from Germany. We have CNC laser cutting machines from Japan, rotary surface grinding machine from Germany, automatic brazing machines also from Germany, CNC production center + robots, which are the most modern facilities in Asia( includes Japan).

With 28 years experience in manufacturer and design for saw blades and 80% PCD circular saw blade market share for 18 years in Taiwan, we understand our clients need and how to design with produce and supply high quality industrial use tools to meet our customer satisfaction. After all, our highly trained and experience technicians together with our modern facilities, we continue to satisfy our customers with supply them with our supreme quality products and reach the toughest demands.

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PCD diamond saw blade
PCD diamond “profile cutter”
PCD diamond router bit
PCD diamond cutting tools
Tungsten Carbide Tipped circular saw blade
Tungsten Carbide Tipped router bit
Tungsten Carbide Tipped finger joint cutter
Tungsten Carbide tipped “hog” unit
High speed steel “slitter”
Solid carbide circular knife and end mill
Insert cutter heads and Insert knives